Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why do we go to universities?

Frankly, I have no idea. Really, why should we go to universities? Now, I understand the fact that people usually meet their spouses there, but is that enough reason to spend so much money and literally waste so much time? Why bother going to such places? Well, maybe /just maybe/ there is some additional benefit to increasing your chances of finding your life-partner or at least we believe there is. But how do we know there is?

The truth is, we don't.


We must be stupid!?

Yes, we are.

LUCKILY, we are.
In fact, we are stupid enough to waste plenty of money and time for some uncertain, potentially good things we might achieve in the future. Now this may be the worst definition of 'dream' you've ever come across, but this is what it is. Of course, going to university may not be the best way of pursuing a dream, but we never know. After all, as Steve Jobs says: 'you can only connect the dots looking backwards'.
Frankly I got lost in this post...

what's the lesson...

a yeah...there it is
We go to universities because we are foolish...and thanks God, we are!

And remember, it might be just too early for the dots to be connected....

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